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For most of us, buying a home is the most expensive purchase we will ever make.  As a Home Buying Specialist, my job is to help locate the best home for your needs, negotiate the lowest price and secure the best financing available with the least amount of stress.

Whether you’re buying a $300,000 home or a $30 million home, my team and I will provide you with our full attention and exceptional client service throughout the entire process.

Please note: The Seller pays our commission (not the Buyer)


The first step is to contact me to arrange a brief 15-20 minute conversation on the phone, computer or in-person.  During this time, I will review and confirm your property criteria as well as go over the basic home buying process.  We will see if we are a “fit” and if we are, I will give you my commitment to finding you the home of your dreams.

Once on-board, I will be 100% committed to you as your Buyer’s Representative and you will benefit from the following services:

The second step is giving you access to my exclusive private resources; connections to industry experts and vast network of business resources as well as social contacts which will enable us to be privy to off-market pocket-listings, as well as properties being readied for sale, not presently on MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

The third step is giving you access to the MLS through a client portal set-up on your behalf to allow you to search listings from your computer at your convenience.

The fourth step is creating a customized Home Search Service for your needs. You will begin to receive daily a listing of every home currently for sale on the MLS that meets your home buying criteria. You will be alerted via email or text notification each time a new property hits the market so that you are in-the-know.

The fifth step is introducing you to a mortgage broker/banker to assist in the loan pre-approval, if you haven’t already done so.  In our fast-paced market, some sellers will not show their home to a buyer who has not yet been pre-approved. It only takes a few minutes to get secure pre-approval.  Please note, all-cash buyers need to procure a letter from their banker evidencing the same.

The sixth step is giving you a Home Buyer Pre-Sell Package.

The seventh step is my promise that you will have top-of-mind priority while I’m previewing property, so that I’m always considering your needs and desires.


After I’ve previewed and selected property specifically for you, I will contact you to arrange a showing. I will make sure you have the time you need to experience each property fully and freely, without pressure.

Finally, when we do find the perfect home for you, I will recommend a home inspection to determine which areas, if any, should be corrected by the Seller.

I will also provide you with a current market value assessment of the home and will recommend the Seller include a Home Warranty to protect you from any unforeseen expenses related to potential appliance malfunction. I will help you analyze the physical and economic features of comparable properties to enable you to structure an informed, realistic and smart offer.

I will also negotiate on your behalf with the Sellers and their Agent, and will keep you informed every step of the way to ensure you obtain the best possible outcome for your new home purchase.