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Tips for Buying and Selling Real Estate During Covid-19

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Real estate rules and regulations during Covid-19

Yes, you can continue to buy and sell real estate during the California shutdown, but there have been some major changes and in order to stay in compliance with state rules and regulations, here’s what you need to know:

Residential and commercial real estate agents are considered essential workers helping people maintain adequate shelter is a basic need and we continue to provide those who are in need of our services.

Moving is considered an essential activity so movers and services associated with moving are allowed to work during this time. Recommend you insist movers wear protective gear as well as sign necessary forms that your agent has been provided through the California Association of Realtors to protect yourself from possible liability.

Banking, title services, home inspectors, appraisers are all considered essential workers. To note, some appraisers are doing “drive by” appraisals, where they literally drive by the house and eyeball it from outside.

Mandatory Forms. Anyone entering the property must sign the California Association of Realtors (CAR) PEAD form each and every time they enter the property. This includes any tradespeople, repair people,

The biggest change has been the limitations of in-person showings and open houses.

o Agents are only permitted to show homes that are either vacant OR the occupant is not on the premises.
o Homes can only be shown by one agent per showing and seen by no more than two people at a time. Those two people must reside in the same household OR they must view the property separately.
o Each person must sign the PEAD form each and every time they enter the property. Anyone who enters the property must wear a protective face covering.
o There can be no touching of any surface in the home.
o After each showing, the agent needs to wipe down surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches etc.

No open houses are permitted. Instead, agents are utilizing technology like Matterport, Zoom showings, video and Facebook Live to provide interested buyers with ‘virtual tours’. While it’s not the same as actually being there, these ‘virtual tours’ provide an accurate way to get a feel for the home and see if it merits an in-person showing.

In the City of Los Angeles, no lock boxes are permitted. Agents must be present to open the door themselves.
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